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Why Fun CPR online?

Not everybody has a chance to get into a class before their card expires- we get that, so here's the best way to get certified asap! No need to sit in a class all day, you'll get certified when it's convenient for you! Not only that, you can immediately challenge the course and skip straight to the test if you feel you're ready!

Don't pay a dime until you're ready for your card!

Some online providers charge you to access the class, videos, and test. Not happening- everything is free, just pay for the card when you're done!

Will my employer accept it?

99% of our students have their certifications accepted! And for the 1% who don't accept it, no problem, you'll get a full refund faster than you can say 'I want my money back!

This course content is appropriate for most professions, including, but not limited to teachers, foster parents, coaches, physical therapists, healthcare providers, child care workers, etc. With so many professions, it is impossible to list all of them. Remember from our guarantee, if your employer doesn't accept this certification, we'll give you a refund!

Click below to get started with the course, you'll be finished soon and be able to get your certification!

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